In today’s e-commerce industry, there is always the lingering existence of what we know as The American Dream, which embodies a pursuit of success, innovation, and inclusivity. It encapsulates the aspiration of individuals and communities to create diverse, sustainable, and accessible online experiences. Entrepreneurs strive to establish small businesses or e-commerce startups, aiming for authenticity and representation within their chosen field, especially when those upcoming participants are newly arriving in America. 

For Venezuelan born Carlos E. Antillano, this dream started in 2002, when he came to the US to pursue a Master in Business Administration. While in the limbo of waiting for this journey, Carlos began experimenting in the e-com business landscape. From that starting point, he has since developed more than 15 e-commerce platforms, all of which continue to be up and running, in different projects and areas. 

A 360 State of Mind

“My specialty,” Carlos starts, “has been introducing European brands in the United States markets through a 365 strategy, including Amazon, on in-house websites, social media, and so on.” This 365 vision comes from Antillano’s idea that e-commerce should touch a broad horizon of platforms. Having been a retailer, a wholesaler, a distributor, and now a manager for a global brand, Carlos recognizes the importance of diversifying a market. 

On the software scope of things, he has also been an Amazon affiliate, vendor and seller, giving him a firm understanding of how Amazon works as a whole, so much so that  he is able to deal with many Amazon business associates and participate on many beta projects.

Mauviel: Luxury Cookware Online

As the Vice-President of Mauviel, Carlos E. Antillano has been fortunate enough to gain exposure to Latin America as the Head of Kitchen Essentials and e-commerce for La Cuisine International, where he represented important brands in the cookware industry such as Zwilling Groupe, Smeg, Global Knives, Jura, and others. This extensive expertise ultimately led to the conception of Mauviel, a full operation where Carlos deals with involvement in logistics, sales and marketing for different channels.

“Mauviel has been an exciting, new challenge for me since it’s the further development of an established brand in the USA,” Carlos expresses, “but my territory goes further than that. Mauviel represents heritage, tradition and modernity at the same time; we are very well known for our quality on copper cookware, however our stainless steel line is getting stronger, M’COOK, a 5-ply line that will perform as its best. Then you can see modern pieces on M’ELITE, hammered stainless steel, that’s innovation at its best. Heritage, tradition and a challenge motivated me to move to Mauviel.”

The Future of Mauviel and Carlos Antillano

With so much under his belt, Carlos is continuing to redefine the e-commerce world as an outstanding authority in the landscape. While maintaining several online markets, Mauviel expects to see a re-design of their website within the next few months, giving the platform a more streamlined look with a smarter user interface. 

The brand as a whole is also excited for the upcoming launch of Mauviel’s app, which will operate similarly to other online shopping applications. On top of all of these new and exciting updates, Mauviel is also planning to be named as an exclusive host for Williams-Sonoma, M’ELITE B – A 5-Ply Hammered Stainless Steel collection with Brass Handles – which is said to be the most unique piece in the world! 

This is an industry that is growing from both sides. More people are cooking and being concerned about the quality of products– That’s where Carlos brings Mauviel to center stage. With the launching of their table to service products, this brand is placing cookware such as oval pans, round pans and so on at the dining room, showcasing elegance, beauty and functionality.

Mauviel is the leading luxury cookware manufacturer, located in Normandie, France. Family owned since 1830, Valérie Le Guern Gilbert leads the company today; she is the 7th generation; one of the few companies in the world still led by the original family. Mauviel is passionate for what’s done, sharing what we know, sharing all of our knowledge to our customers. For more information, visit their website at