Paolo Odierna, President and Co-founder NEXXT-EXPO AND NEXXT-SHOPS

In an era where global commerce often overshadows local identity, Paolo Odierna is charting a different course with the launch of NEXXT-Shops. This innovative boutique chain, dedicated to showcasing high-end Made in Italy products, is poised to become a beacon of cultural exchange and economic growth, both in Los Angeles and back in Italy.

The genesis of NEXXT-Shops can be traced back to the success of NEXXT-EXPO, the largest “Made in Italy ” fair in California. Building on this momentum, Odierna’s vision for NEXXT-Shops is to create a tangible, year-round presence for Italian craftsmanship in the American market. The first store, set to open in South Pasadena in May 2024, is just the beginning of a grand plan to establish a network of boutiques across the Los Angeles area.

The impact of NEXXT-Shops extends far beyond the confines of retail. By carefully curating a selection of products, Odierna is not just selling goods; he is telling the story of Italian artisanship. Each item on the shelves represents the passion, tradition, and excellence of Italian craftsmen and women. In doing so, NEXXT-Shops serves as a platform for these artisans to reach a global audience, providing them with opportunities for growth and recognition.

Moreover, the presence of NEXXT-Shops in the Los Angeles area is set to have a positive impact on the local economy. By creating job opportunities and attracting tourism, the stores will contribute to the economic vitality of their respective communities. The boutiques will also offer a unique shopping experience, enriching the cultural landscape of the city and fostering a deeper appreciation for Italian culture and products.

The significance of NEXXT-Shops goes beyond commerce and culture; it is a testament to the power of international collaboration. By bridging the gap between Italian artisans and American consumers, Odierna is facilitating a dialogue that transcends borders. This exchange not only benefits the economy but also enhances mutual understanding and respect between cultures.

As NEXXT-Shops prepares to open its doors, Paolo Odierna’s vision of a global network of Italian excellence is becoming a reality. Through this initiative, he is not just promoting Italian products; he is fostering a community that values quality, tradition, and cultural exchange. NEXXT-Shops is set to be a catalyst for economic growth and a symbol of the enduring bond between Italy and the United States.